Francis A. Sikora

Vice President, Administration & Facilities

Value Delivered

Fran oversees delivery of high-quality projects that maximize clients’ operations, while meeting their demanding budget and scheduling requirements. To achieve this, he and his team of 16 project managers and project executives supported by a field force of 200-to-300 electricians perform a wide range of electrical projects. During these projects, Fran ensures that his team is efficiently managing labor and costs, while providing attentive, responsive client care.

In addition, he works with his loss control manager to ensure that high levels of job site safety are being maintained, and that appropriate new policies and procedures are being developed for the future. He also directs the Gibson facility’s maintenance and guides his staff in addressing a range of cost, scheduling and other issues. Throughout the process, his objective is to ensure that clients receive the systems and services they need to effectively meet the challenges of today’s highly complex environment. 

Electrical Construction & Engineering Expertise

Fran has more than 30 years of industry experience. After a stint as an electrical engineer and project coordinator with The Austin Company, Fran joined Gibson in 1984. In addition to his ongoing project management responsibilities, he has held positions within the company as training coordinator, safety manager and division manager. He became a vice president in 1993.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Fran studied at the University of Illinois College of Electrical Engineering and Midwest College of Engineering.