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Thank you for choosing Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions for your commercial electrical and telecommunications services needs. We aim to provide high quality commercial electrical, telecommunication, construction engineering, and energy services and are interested in your experience with our company. Please take a few moments and complete this survey to let us know how we are doing.

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On a scale of 1 to 4, (1 as Poor, 2 as Fair, 3 as Good, and 4 as Excellent) please rate the following statements.

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Quality of Work
The quality of the work
met or exceeded my expectations
Gibson's people were safe
The craftsmanship was high in
Gibson's people were professional
Quality of Experience
Gibson did a good job
planning the project
I feel that Gibson gave me a
good value for the money
Quality of Responsiveness
Gibson was productive on the job
Problems were resolved to my
The PM team responded quickly
to problems
Paperwork was processed in a
timely manner
Quality of Communication
The project management team responded quickly to
my questions and concerns
I felt informed as the job progressed
Problems were communicated to
my satisfaction
Gibson's people were courteous and
Overall Level of Satisfaction
Everything considered, I am satisfied with the level of
service provided by Gibson

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Daniel Fitzgibbons, President & CEO

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