Service/Special Projects

Preserving building investments with preventive maintenance

van_use.jpgRegular preventive maintenance is critical for a successful building management program—it helps preserve the initial capital investment in both buildings and equipment, while enhancing the sustainability and comfort of facilities.

Successful preventive maintenance programs also help determine overall operating costs and reduce the disruptions caused by emergency repairs, or by equipment that must be replaced after is has broken down.

Mobile Service Teams

When an unexpected need arises that isn’t part of a comprehensive maintenance plan, Gibson Electric has the perfect solution. Employing a specialized team of mobile technicians ready to respond at a moment’s notice using a fleet of service vans, Gibson Electric’s mobile service team solution is one clients can depend on.

Gibson Electric technicians utilize handheld technology to help strengthen the company’s continued commitment towards green and sustainable initiatives. This paperless work-order system allows technicians to service customers faster and more effectively, providing improved facility operations and higher levels of productivity.

Special Projects

When small construction projects arise—like fixing an outlet, troubleshooting a generator, or retrofitting a small area or office space—Gibson Electric’s Special Project Team can assist.

Gibson Electric has a network of 300+ handyman/general maintenance technicians available to handle a variety of miscellaneous services. Truck-based technicians self-perform both scheduled general maintenance services and on-demand, common repair work for clients.

The core competencies of Gibson’s handymen include:

  • Handyman/general maintenance services
  • Carpentry, painting, and cosmetic repairs

Gibson Electric can perform preventive maintenance services on:

  • Motors
  • Lighting panels
  • General power switchgear
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) switchgear, distribution panels, Remote Power Panels (RPPs) and Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs)/Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • General power panels
  • Heating Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) cabinets
  • Rooftop LED lighting system
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Generators