Distributed Antenna Systems 

In today’s fast paced, technology-driven world, having an uninterrupted Wi-Fi or cellular signal is a must, which is why many businesses opt to have distributed antenna systems (DAS) installed.  

A DAS is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport medium (typically coax, twisted pair Category 6 cable, or fiber-optic cable) that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure. A DAS helps signals transmit through large buildings without losing integrity, thereby improving voice and data connectivity for the end user.

Advantages of working with Gibson Electric

Diagram showing a Distributed Antenna System in a multi-level buildingArmed with a talented team of certified DAS installers, Gibson Electric offers a robust list of advantages, including:

  • Installing over 300 million square feet of DAS networks in tenant space over the past 21 years.
  • Using Gibson Electric’s prefab department to help hold down labor costs and utilizing the CAD department with DAS installation.
  • Using specific color raceways and labels to help distinguish the DAS from other building systems.
  • Using well planned and coordinated conduit raceway paths to save on time and material on cabling.
  • Utilizing the most up-to-date testing equipment to help ensure the Gibson Electric team is working in the safest and most efficient way possible.
  • Directing the electrical and low-voltage installers to work side by side to help ensure maximum cost savings.
  • Utilizing smart devices so technicians can receive project updates in real time.

Certified DAS installers

Gibson’s team of DAS installers are certified in pulling and terminating coaxial cable as well as performing sweep and passive intermodulation (PIM) testing. Gibson also employs fiber-optic specialists who are certified in fusion splicing and testing fiber backbone feeds.  Gibson has the ability to collaborate with several integrators to allow for comprehensive solutions to each client’s unique DAS needs.

DAS certifications include:

  • Corning
  • JMA 
  • Solid
  • Comscope
  • Sweep Testing
  • PIM Testing
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR) Testing


Ownership Models


  • 100% funded and operated by carrier
  • Typically single carrier
  • Carriers may form consortium
  • Implementation of multi-carrier models


  • 100% funded and operated by independent third party (i.e., tower company)
  • Landlord leases space to the Neutral host entity
  • Neutral host entity coordinates financial & design with carriers


  • Funded by building owner
  • Deployed and operated by DAS integrator
  • Carriers/3rd parties may partially fund
  • Multi-carrier

For more information on Gibson Electric’s DAS services, please contact us today.