Riser Management

Riser management programs are used to develop and maintain the telecommunications infrastructure that is critical to any building’s communications and information technology requirements. Choosing the right riser management team can help ensure tenants and facilities receive the most from their voice and data systems.

Gibson Electric offers riser management services designed to handle the entire telecommunication infrastructure within a building. From assessment to development to implementation and beyond, we deliver high-quality, professional service along each step of a riser management program. Gibson even offers bundled services comprised of telecom and electrical work.

Top to Bottom Infrastructure Development and Installation

Typical Riser Management diagramRiser management programs cannot be successful without a proper assessment of existing telecommunication infrastructure. The team at begins projects with a comprehensive audit of a building’s systems, including pre-existing network closets. The audit helps Gibson Electric address any code violations, perform a general system cleanup, and suggest possible building upgrades.

During the development stage, Gibson Electric designs a custom riser backbone system and creates a database of circuit information. The database is a critical tool for asset management and disaster recovery. The Gibson riser management team then extends all voice and internet cabling from the network closet or NETPOP (network point of presence) into a tenant’s space for termination.

Gibson Electric offers development and installation services for a full scope of telecommunication infrastructure and riser backbone systems, including but not limited to:

  • Fiber optics, including Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) or Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF)
  • Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)
  • DS3
  • MPLS
  • CATV
  • Ethernet
  • T1 digital carrier systems
  • Plain ordinary telephone service (POTS) & Fax lines
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Throughout the entire process, network security is a central concern. Gibson Electric employs professionally trained union technicians committed to protecting network integrity, and additional measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access within riser closets.

Tenant and Building Advantages

After installation, clients can rely on Gibson Electric for comprehensive riser management services that include an array of tenant and building advantages.

Gibson Electric can serve as a tenant’s personal telecom broker, managing and ordering incoming services with providers. This centralized solution saves time and helps tenants receive the best possible price for voice, data, and technology needs. Assistance is provided to new tenants that require cabling to a suite, while upgrades and relocations are offered to existing tenants. Additionally, tenants have access to an online portal for riser requests as well as a guide to help explain riser management services.

To avoid service interruptions, Gibson Electric staffs a 24/7/365 emergency-response team prepared to troubleshoot network connectivity issues if they arise. Clients also receive a custom information guide which can be used for leasing packets on a building’s technology capabilities.

Additional Building Services:

  • Any and all electrical services
  • Coring and sleeves
  • Electrical identification and tagging
  • Structured cabling
  • Wireless and DAS systems
  • Maintenance/service
  • Additional electrical building maintenance, infrared (IR) scanning, or low-voltage needs

As a cost-effective, timely, and professional organization, Gibson often becomes an extension of a client’s in-house building management team.

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