Design-build provides customers with a single point of contact for all phases of a project — from estimation and pre-construction to engineering, construction, and post-construction.

Pre-construction and building value engineering into design

3D BIM model diagramGibson Electric’s pre-construction phase sets the course for a successful job. It includes business and financial assessments about the client’s goals, vision, financial realities, and current and future needs.

Engineering design

During the design phase, Gibson Electric’s project team has a solid understanding of the client’s business and financial needs, project schedule, cost, job site, and the facility’s architectural and mechanical requirements by working with our local engineering partners who are intimate with the codes and requirements of the surrounding area. 

We use 3D-BIM to model early stage design while showing data-oriented cost and schedule estimates. The owner, and other trades, can see, in real time, how different design solutions affect appearance, price, and schedule.


As the design phase progresses, our construction team will start readying the job site and elements of construction can begin. By overlapping construction and design, the project team can deliver a timely build that makes aggressive schedules possible.

Gibson Electric provides a complete line of electrical services, including the installation of electrical and low-voltage systems and basic commissioning of high- and low-voltage electrical systems.


Once the new or renovated facility is complete, Gibson Electric will provide walk-throughs, hands-on training, and core documentation for owners, facility managers, and facility management teams.

We also offers additional long-term maintenance and service options.

Benefits and advantages of design-build:

  • Continuous control of project costs. 
  • Continuous value engineering with owner input and real-time cost data.
  • Fully coordinated project from design through construction.
  • Intimate knowledge of systems and components from field experience allows for the use of innovation and state-of-the-art systems.
  • Concurrent design and construction to facilitate accelerated schedules.
  • Knowledge of local building codes can help minimize delays and costs and improve response time.
  • Having a single source responsible for the design, installation, and operation of systems, warranty and service, allows Gibson to offer a complete, one-stop-shop solution.

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