Excellence in Safety Innovation Award

Gibson Electric earned the 2019 EMCOR Group Excellence in Safety Innovation Award after developing a mobile application dedicated to providing their safety and field supervisors with all the safety information they need.

While many EMCOR companies utilize apps and hand-held devices in the field, Gibson Electric’s program was pioneering because of its focus on safety. The application provides immediate access to a wide range of resources, including safety forms, manuals, and trainings, as well as prefabrication and warehouse order and pick-up documentation.

The application has significantly improved access to safety documents, putting an extensive database of resources in the hands of field teams. Now, even when an unexpected challenge or unforeseen hazard presents itself on the job, employees have the knowledge they need to implement the correct safety precautions.

Project efficiency has also benefited thanks to the application. Several daily safety routines, like pre-task plans and construction reports, are now collected in one area, cutting out time spent filing and searching for resources. Additionally, the move to paperless documentation has simplified storage and record keeping, helping eliminate clutter and waste.

As the industry continues to evolve and digital technologies become more and more imbedded in our work, safety procedures must evolve with them. Gibson Electric is helping lead the way, demonstrating how digital innovation can strengthen our safety culture. Based on the success of Gibson’s initiative, EMCOR Group, Inc. is now pursuing the development of a Field Leader Application that puts the same resources into the hands of our entire field workforce.