Arlington Heights, IL

Village of Arlington Heights Municipal Complex


City of Arlington Heights


FGM Architects

Electrical Contractor

Gibson Electric


KJWW Engineering Consultants

Construction Manager

Turner Construction

Project Duration

19 months

Vintage drawing of the Arlington Heights Municipal Complex

Value Delivered

Reliable, efficient government operations, single-source service, compliance with life safety codes, improved productivity of municipal employees, capacity to meet expanding electrical needs of a growing city’s government.

Client Objectives

Equip a new municipal building with state-of-the-art electrical and other services to support key governmental functions.


For this project, Gibson provided a complete electrical installation for a four-story, 77,000-square-foot municipal complex. In addition to 3,000-ampere service, a generator with transfer switches and a complete power/distribution system, the company installed 2,000 lighting fixtures, site lighting and a lighting control system. The scope also included voice/data and fire alarm systems, and electrical service to the building’s clock tower.

Client Background

The Village of Arlington Heights is home to approximately 76,000 people. The building’s electrical system supports Arlington Heights’ building and planning, engineering, finance, health, human resources and legal departments, as well as the village boardroom, mayor’s office, manager’s office and community meeting rooms.