Schamburg, IL

Friendship Village


Dorsky, Hodgson & Partners

General Contractor

Bovis Lend Lease


Karpinski Engineering

Electric Contractor

Gibson Electric

Project Duration

17 months

Exterior view of Friendship Village retirement community in Schaumburg

Value Delivered

Increased revenue-generating space, new job opportunities, enhanced outdoor environment, more lifestyle choices for residents, improved security, leading-edge technological amenities.

Client Objectives

To add a new 80-foot tall, 460,000-square-foot retirement community building with 171 modern apartments; to achieve this in the tight space afforded by existing occupied facilities.


Gibson handled all building, site and site utility work. The base building work included a 450-kilowatt generator and 248 branch circuit panels, as well as distribution panels, switchgears and transformers. Site and site utility work required installation of 60 site lighting poles and about 400 feet of raceway to bring power to the new facility from the public lines.

In addition to 7,000 light fixtures and 1,400 fire alarm devices, the company also provided low-voltage teledata communications, closed-circuit cable television and advanced security systems.

To complete this project, Gibson had to overcome some significant obstacles. First, the site offered only limited access and minimal parking. To accommodate this, the company transported personnel to the job from an off-site parking lot. Furthermore, deliveries could only be made on trucks of specified sizes at designated times, so material shipments had to be arranged around these limited access windows.

Finally, the post-tension concrete deck facility was erected in three sections at three different times. To accommodate this process, the company designed a schedule that conformed to this approach within the client’s time and budget constraints. The result was non-disruptive construction that not only met the client’s goals, but also satisfied its high expectations for quality workmanship and customer service.

Client Background

Friendship Village of Schaumburg is a continuing care retirement community dedicated to providing adults 62 and older with living options, including residential and assisted living, as well as skilled nursing, that promote good health and offer interesting, fulfilling lifestyles.