Downers grove, IL

Good Samaritan Hospital


Advocate Health Care


KJWW Engineering Consultants

Electric Contractor

Gibson Electric & Technology Solutions


HDR Architecture

General Contractor

Power Construction

Project Duration

Two years

Entrance of Good Samarian Hospital in Downers Grove

Value Delivered

New surgical care space; increased patient capacity; leading-edge information technology resources; an electrical power system that meets diverse requirements; improved patient care, comfort and outcomes; minimal disruption to daily hospital routines; more efficient and effective nursing care; reliable backup power to maintain patient care routines during an emergency; additional employment opportunities; expanded healthcare options for local community and providers.

Client Objectives

To expand its surgical services space and add 10 new, state-of-the-art operating rooms.


Gibson provided an extensive electrical contracting solution, including both high- and low-voltage services. In addition to bringing power from the local utility to the main distribution panel, the company’s high-voltage work involved running conduit and wire to the operating rooms, putting in all recovery and operating room lighting, and connecting the integrated data closets surgeons use to obtain x-ray and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) information during operations.

Gibson also delivered power for the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment, fire pumps and other components, and connected the backup power generator.

On the low-voltage side, Gibson installed the hospital’s voice/data/ cabling infrastructure. This involved pulling copper and fiber cables from each of six telecommunications rooms, installing over 600 voice/data outlets and putting in more than 1,500 phone jacks. The company also installed the nurse call system that connects the central nursing station with individual patient monitoring and bed control systems.

To complete this project successfully, Gibson had to perform all required tasks without disrupting normal hospital routines. This necessitated a phased approach. When the new addition had been completed, the hospital moved its surgical activities into the new section, where they remained until the old building could be remodeled and walls removed to provide ready access to the new section.

Client Background

Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, Advocate Health Care is the largest fully integrated not-for-profit healthcare delivery system in metropolitan Chicago and is recognized as one of the top 10 systems in the country.